Stranakelly to Clonegall - 25km

Hike Description:

At 25km, this hike takes you into the village of Clonegall just inside the Carlow border. This marks the end of the Wicklow Way. At a steady pace, this is a 6-7 hour hike. This hike is mainly on roads and usually provides a bit of a wind-down from the 100km that you have just completed.

Starting at Stanakelly Crossroads at S998,711, you follow the local road for almost 9km before leaving it at Raheenakit (S963,675) It is a very short 3.5km in the hill that is Aghowle Upper before rejoining another road. As you come back on to the, you are now about half-way through your hike.

Following the road for a further 3.5km, you leave asphalt for the last time for 4.5km of a walk through a small forest.

Once out of the forest and off the local access road, you are within 5km of your final destination but there is time for one more achievement. At S932,635 you leave Wicklow and make it to Carlow. This marks the 3rd county that you have visited while completing your challenge. Take a well earned rest here before completing the final 3km into Clonegall. You should be there within the next 40 minutes.

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