Carlingford-Red Route

Hike Description:

After an initial steep climb on the road, the hike turns into a forest path. This path ambles along the edge of Carlingford forest until it reaches the car park. There is a large open space between the car-park and the stile where you can have activities.

Crossing the stile, you can follow the edge of the forest to two mile river. Here you can cross the river and the fence with care and enter the 2nd car-park. This is approx. 500m in length and follows the side of a hill which is usually covered in fern so can be quite slippy underfoot.

Depending on energy levels, the route can be followed back to Carlingford or you can arrange a bus pick-up from either car park.

Activities (should you need to pad out the hike) can be held in the following locations safely:

On the hike:

J167,138 - Area in forest for activities. Can be used in con-junction with the car park area.

Before/After the hike:

J189,117 - Car Park - Small playground, Large Green area and Harbour opposite.

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