Carlingford-Blue Route

Blue Route:

Hike Profile:

Hike Description:

The Slieve Foy Loop walk (Blue route) is a hike of 2 halves. The first half, to just before the summit, is achievable by most. The second half - scramble to summit and descent - should only be tackled by experienced hikers.

As seen in the profile of the hike, the ascent to the top and descent from same, is quite steep. The ground can be wet underfoot which can lead to a lot of slipping on the way down. The weather is quite changeable on this mountian and care is needed.

Car-park to Summit - This is approx. 4.5km in length with 1.5 of it on road. Leaving the car park, follow the Tain Way all the way to J178,106 where you join the Slieve Foy loop walk. Head for the gap between the two cliffs. Once at the top, there is a winding path that leads upwards by way of the right hand side of the mountain. From this side, there are clear views of Carlingford village below. Follow this up and you should see the trig-point looming ahead. Just before the trig-point, there is a natural sheltered area where you can stop for lunch. Depending on prevailing winds, pick a side and have a well deservered rest.

Summit - Car park - This makes up the remaining 7.5km of the hike with the final 4km being a forest walk (Red route).

Leaving the summit in a northernly direction, follow the natural contours of the hill until a large valley opens up on your right. As you descend into the valley, keep the river to your left. This is the easiest route down (although at times it may not seem so). It is quite steep so care is needed.

This hike takes between 5 and 6 hours to complete.

Depending on time, pickup can be arranged early at either of the two car-parks at the bottom of the descent.

If the weather turns bad on approch to the summit or on approch to the descent into the valley, it may be advisable to return to the car-park by retracing your route.

Rest points:

Just past the 2km mark - This rest point should be reached around the 1 hour mark.

Just past the 4km mark - This rest point is just after the climb after leaving the Tain way. Rest here prior to starting the ascent to top

At 7km point - Rest here beside river and marvel at the fact that your all down the mountain in one piece (hopefully)

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