Lough Dan - Blue Route

The Blue route is designed for the experienced hiker in the groups. It is aimed at patrols and is used with the leaders mentoring.

It is designed so that the young person can led the group around safely with minimum supervision.

Starting at the carpark in Lough Dan, the route takes you up to a stream at O 149 030. From here enter the forest train and keep left at any junctions you encounter.

Follow this to the stream at O 139 042 where you can earn a well deserved rest.

Following the forest edge to O 125 040, you reach a point where Kanturk Mountain is due South. Take your bearings here and proceed to ascend to the summit at 528m.

Proceed from here to the spot height at 581 and on to the summit of Scarr at O 132 018. This is the highest point of the hike.

Descend (carefully) down the shoulder of Scarr almost due South to Spot Height 578 (the East descent is too steep) and on to the road at O 158 010 via Spot height 366.

Follow this road back to Lough Dan Car Park, keeping in single file as it can be busy.

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