Crone Woods to Lough Dan

Hike Description:

The hike from Crone Woods at O191,141 is just short of 18km.

At a good pace, this hike is just over 5 hours long without breaks.

Transport can be arranged at the drop off point in Crone Woods carpark and you can be picked up at Lough Dan Campsite car park which is located 500m North of the proposed end of this hike at


There is a steady climb on forest track from the car park right up to the start of the descent to the footbridge (O192,122 to O191,120)

Along this route, you are rewarded with views of Powerscout Waterfall from O200,128

From O192,122 to the start of the boardwalk at O179,095 is mainly across a wide well worn grassy path. Care is needed from the footbridge to the carpark at O169,075 is wet weather. The view from here is well worth stopping the hike and having lunch.

Another well worn forest trail will take you on the second half of your hike from O169,075 through to the road entrance for Lough Dan Scout campsite at O157,016.

The campsite itself is O157 021

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