Marley Park to Lough Dan - 40km

Hike Description:

At a good pace, this 40km hike will take almost 12 hours of walking. It is the longest in both time and distance and therefore the first one to get out of the way when accepting the challange.

Starting at Marley park, the route takes you through the park and out on to a road running parrell with the M50 at O157,257. Passing under the M50, you start the ascent to Kilmashogue Forest car-park.

The route follows a very well worn forest road from the car park up to the bend in the road at O163,229. Great views of South Dublin can be had as you walk along the higher slopes.

From here, it is mainly grass track until it rejoins the forest road.

Care is needed while walking on the road from O160,211 until the minor road junction at O174,207 as this is a well used road into Glencullen.

At only 1.5km, these 20 minutes should pass quite quickly. This is the busiest road that this route takes you on.

Leaving the road, the route takes you up towards Prince William's Seat before you leave Dublin at O182,184.

For those with Sat Nav - W6.23123032, N53.2039898

Entering Wicklow, your path takes you through the forest and back on to the roads around Knockree.

While some might be tempted to stay on the road rather than go through the forest from O180,150 to O189,150, the road is longer and not as enjoyable.

Following the path from O189,150 to the river and then along Glencree river itself to the footbridge at O181,146 will bring you to the road where a left turn and 500m will bring you to the halfway point of your hike.

Crone Woods car-park makes a great spot to have a bit of lunch.

There is a steady climb on forest track from the car park right up to the start of the descent to the footbridge (O192,122 to O191,120)

Along this route, you are rewarded with views of Powerscout Waterfall from O200,128

From O192,122 to the start of the boardwalk at O179,095 is mainly across a wide well worn grassy path. Care is needed from the footbridge to the carpark at O169,075 in wet weather. The view from here is well worth stopping the hike and having a well deserved rest as you have jst reached the 32km mark.

Another well worn forest trail will take you on the last 8km of your hike from O169,075 through to the road entrance for Lough Dan Scout campsite at O157,016.

The campsite itself is O157 021.

Once complete, you can congratulate yourself on completing the longest section of your challange.

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