The Wicklow Way

The Wicklow Way begins in Dublin's southern suburb of Rathfarnham and travels in a south-south-westerly direction across the Dublin and Wicklow uplands, then through the rolling hill country of southwest County Wicklow to finish in the small, County Carlow village of Clonegal 127 kilometres later.

As Scouts, completion of The Wicklow Way is a major achievement.

While the entire route is 127km, we have broken the route into a number of smaller hikes.

These range from a 40km hike (Larch Hill to Lough Dan) to the smaller 18km ones like Larch Hill to Crone Woods.

These hikes are not for the faint hearted.

The plan for the Scout Achievment Award - Wicklow Way is that as a Senior Scout/Venture, you complete the 7 hikes that steadily get longer and harder.

Once these 7 hikes are complete, as a Venture/Rover, you plan and prepare to take on the challange as a 4 day event.

Day Hikes for Scouts/Ventures:

Hike 1 - Kilmashough to Crone Woods – 18km

Hike 2 - Crone Woods to Lough Dan – 18km

Hike 3 - Stranakelly Crossroads to Clonegall - 25k

Hike 4 - The Iron Bridge to Stranakelly Crossroads – 26km

Hike 5 - Glendalough to The Iron Bridge – 26km

Hike 6 - Lough Dan to The Iron Bridge – 36km

Hike 7 - Marley Park to Lough Dan – 40km

Day Hikes for Ventures/Rovers:

Day 1: Marley Park to Lough Dan – 40km

Day 2: Lough Dan to The Iron Bridge – 36km

Day 3: The Iron Bridge to Stranakelly Crossroads – 26km

Day 4: Stranakelly Crossroads to Clonegall - 25km

The descriptions used for these hikes are gathered from experience. Some may be out of date. Some may not be entirly accurate

As you complete each hike, if you feel that the description can be improved upon, please email with a suggested rewording. Please copy the existing text and just indicate where the changes are to go and we will take them on board. These hikes are for your enjoyment and are designed to be challanging.

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