Iron Bridge to Stranakelly - 26km

Hike description:

At 26km, this hike, with about 6km on road, is mostly through the various forested areas of south Wicklow.

From the very start at the bridge over the river Ow, you feel that you are off the beaten track. At this point, the path can be hard to spot as we are now in the less well walked parts of the Wicklow Way.

After 5.5km you reach the end of the forest and re-join a minor road that takes you to the village of Moyne. Just south of Moyne, you leave the road for a shortcut across the base of Slieveroe before another 3km on the road along the base of Ballycumber North.

As you leave the road at T049,771, you are about half way through your hike.

It also marks the end of road for a bit because, ignoring the little bit from T020,747 to T016,745, you’re off road for the best part of 9km.

Rejoining the minor road at S996,732, you have a 3km walk on road into Stranakelly Crossroads and the end of this stage of your challenge.

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