Larch Hill Directions

Return Home

From the M50 motorway to Larch Hill

Leave the M50 motorway at Junction 12 and follow signs for Firhouse

Really this involves just crossing back over the motorway as we do leaving M1 at City north, passing through the 2 roundabouts.

At next roundabout take 1st exit (go left - signposed for Killakee),

At next roundabout take 2nd exit (go Straight)

At next roundabout go straight again

Continue straight and this then brings you to a left turn (at Yield sign) heading up the hill.

At the top of this hill, turn left. (Johnny Foxes is signed posted to your right)

Take the next right (Mount Venus Road)

Turn left after the bends after the graveyard (end of the just can't go further)

Take the sharp (& I do mean sharp) right turn. In fact, it is sooo sharp, it is practically a u-turn.

There is a fork in the road just a little down the hill so keep right. You don't have right of way so be careful!!

Follow this road straight into Larch Hill.