Carlingford-Green Route

There are 2 ways to approach the Barnavave Loop Hike. You can cross Barnavave in a North-West to South-East fashion or in reverse - South-East to North-West.

Crossing SE-NW

Hike Profile: SE-NW

Crossing NW-SE

Hike Profile NW-SE

Hike Description:

Regardless on which way it is approched, the hike starts with a rather sharp road ascent. The NW-SE crossing enters a track at

J 183 109 while the SE-NW crossing continues down the road.

While the map shows a possible lunch point at J182,097, this is only as a guideline as it provides a choice of shelters and dry grass in case of damp.

There is ample space at the highest point of this hike for lunch - along with the necessary rocks for sitting on.

Equally, for those crossing NW-SE, there is plenty of space prior to turning off the Tain way at J178,106 for lunch if needed.

The spot height of 350m and its trig-point, while reachable, does require a scramble to get there and is not recommended for young members or indeed the Scouters minding them. The views that you get from the Trig-point are visable from J177,106 (either going up or coming down)

At just under 9km, this hike is roughly 50/50 between road and grass and, regardless of approach, the ascent is noticeable.

This hike takes roughly 3.5 hours to complete with rests.

Crossing NW-SE you should reach the 2km mark (and natural resting place just beyond it) in an hour. This will give you a good guideline of your timings.

Crossing SE-NW, you should reach the entrance to the forest at the 3km mark in just over the hour.

Activities (should you need to pad out the hike) can be held in the following locations safely:

On the hike:

J178,106 - Either before or after the top height of the hike. - Large open space at top

J182,097 - Either before or after the top height of the hike. - Large open enclosed field.

After the hike:

J189,117 - Car Park - Small playground, Large Green area and Harbour opposite.

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