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20th August 2009

Dear Parent(s),

The Group Council 18th Meath have reviewed the costs of Scouting for all. We are fixing the cost at €5 per week per child but where there are multiple children in the group, the following discounts will be applied:

2 Children 10% discount on second child

3 Children 10% discount on second child & 20% discount on third child.

4+ Children 10% discount on second child, 20% discount on third child & free for subsequent children.

As it stands, here are the dates for the payment of subscriptions for the coming year.

  • 9th Sep 8 Weeks (Including week 1 – 2nd Sep)
  • 4th Nov 7 Weeks
  • 6th Jan 9 Weeks
  • 24th Mar 6 Weeks
  • 19th May 6 Weeks

This is a total of 36 weeks and, including the registration and insurance of €45 that is paid to National Office, the total amount for the year is €225 per child.

The 18th Meath will be taking part in a new initiative being piloted by the North Eastern Province.

It is to look at the removing of cash collection from the leaders in light of recent attacks on people collecting monies. This is something that National Office if very mindful of in the larger groups like ours.

There are a number of plans put forward that are part of this trail.

1. Monies to be paid to the leaders at the above dates – as currently done.

2. Standing Orders for the amount of monies due taken out of accounts on the above dates.

3. Standing Orders taken out on 1st of every month for full 12 months.

4. Standing Orders taken out on 1st of every month for 10 months (September 2009 until June 2010)

5. Parents to electronically transfer funds on the agreed dates.

The figures for payments under each option are:

Option 1, 2 & 5: Includes €15 annual insurance for first 3 payments

1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children

Sep 9th €55 €106 €153 €168

4th Nov €50 €97 €140 €155

6th Jan €60 €115 €166 €181

24th Mar €30 €57 €81 €81

19th May €30 €57 €81 €81

Option 3: Payments made on 1st of month for 12 months

1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children

€18.50 €35.50 €51 €54.50

Option 4: Payments made on 1st of Month for 10 months

1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children

€22.35 €43.00 €61.50 €66.00

The option being proposed by 18th Meath is option number 3. We feel that monthly payments at fixed costs to cover all insurance and subscriptions are the best way to pay and for budget planning for all involved.

There are currently 113 children in the 18th Meath and, if all were to pay in cash on the dates, the amount of money in our possession before lodgements would be just over €1,200 per section. As you can appreciate, this is a lot of money to be held by the leaders before lodgement.

This is a pilot plan but really only works if we get a large amount of people participating. The costs of setting up standing orders on your account are taken into account and the monthly amounts have been reduced accordingly. The average cost of the standing order is 15 cent per order. If your bank charges more, please let us know and we can reduce. The last thing that we want from the movement to electronic banking is for you, the parent, to be out of pocket. The standing orders will also allow you, the parent, to keep a record of payments as it will be clearly marked on your bank statements. As part of the pilot, the 18th will be paying all our bills (training, hall & storage expenses etc) by electronic transfer.

If the pilot is successful, the plan is to roll our model to all sections of Scouting Ireland.

We would appreciate it if you reply as soon as possible with your preferred method of payment.

As usual, if there are any questions, please contact me.

Yours in Scouting,

Oisin Dunne,

Group Leader,

18th Meath –Cois Farraige

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