First Mailing

Latest Mail: 30th Oct 2010

Dear Parents,

We communicated to you about NorJam 2010 in September and now that deposits have been paid, we are in a better place to understand the full cost of the event.

Until we knew how many were attending, the only price we could confirm was the actual cost of the event itself.

We are still awaiting confirmation on the actual cost of the bus to take us there but (with a rather large guesstimate) we are looking at the total cost of camp at being around the €370 - €400 mark based on 27 children attending for the week.

This figures includes the stg£115 to NorJam, all transport (bus & ferry) & food for the week.

There will be fund-raising carried out (sponsor cycle is one that is already being planned) to allow each Scout to reduce the cost of their camp.

We acknowledge that, in these times, this amount may seem a lot which is why before we pay the non-refundable deposit to NorJam, we wish to make you aware of what is likely to be the full cost.

As usual, if you have any questions, please contact either Norman or myself.

Yours in Scouting,

Oisin Dunne

18th Meath - Group Leader