NorJam 2010

This page is to keep parents & Scouts up to date on the latest for NorJam 2010 - The Scouts Summer Camp.

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31st July 2010

until 7th August 2010

Kit List for NorJam

As the final week for Norjam starts to draw near, there are some items that we need.

1. Final payment - for those that have yet to pay

2. Your passport number - for on-line check-in

3. What space we have in the van

We will all meet tomorrow (Tuesday 20th) at 20:30 at the school to collect these things.

Please bring your passport and a fully stuffed rucsack. (not the stuff you're bringing but clothes that will take about the same space)

It shouldn't take more than 30 mins if everyone turns up on time.

Final packing for the van will take place next Thursday (29th July)

As usual, if there are any questions, please contact me.



Second Mailing

Date: 10th March 2010

Dear Parents,

Now that all the costs are in (ferry confirmation only came through yesterday), decisions were made last night and we wish to communicate these to you.

NorJam, as you know, is taking place from 31st July until 7th August 2010.

The initial plan, due to costs, was to get the ferry over.

However, in an ever changing world, it is now proving more cost & time effective to fly over.

The costs of the camp are as follows:

Costs to NorJam: (£3010)€3335.55 (exchange rate of 0.9024)

As this is not payable for another 6 weeks, it might change but not too much

Costs for Food: €2030.00

(€10 per person per day)

Flights: Dublin to Stansted Return: €2127.44

Ryanair flights: €29.99 & €21.99, plus €10 for on-line check-in, €6 Visa card Charge and €8 priority boarding.

Bus Hire to Norfolk from Stansted: (£750) €831.12 (exchange rate of 0.9024)

Van on the Ferry: €484.20

Expenses for Van: €150.00

This brings it to a total of €8958.31

To this figure, we add 10% (our emergency fund) so we end up with €9854.14.

This works out at €410 per Scout.


€90 is due this week as we now need to secure the flights and ferries at these prices.

€90 is due to be paid to NorJam by 1st of May and will be collected Thurs 29th April.

This leaves €180 (€410 - €50 deposit already paid - €180) to be paid before mid-July.

Travel arrangements:

This is the top level plan so far:

Rucsacks and all camping gear will be going over by ferry the day before.

Therefore, all gear will be dropped to the den on the Thursday.

Parents drop children to Dublin Airport – Sat 31st July at 07:00

Flight leaves at 8:10.

Bus pick-up in Stansted at 09:45.

In Norfolk at 12:00

Coming Home:

Flight leaves Stansted at 16:55 and arrives in Dublin at 18:10

Parents are to pick up at airport.

Full details will be given closer to send off.

This Thursday - 11th March, in order to confirm the flights, we will need:

€90 for the flights

Name of Scout as it appears on the passport.

Yours in Scouting,


Oisin Dunne

18th Meath – Cois Farraige

Group Leader.