Totem Pole 2008

The Totem Pole challenge will take place on Sunday 7th December 2008 from 10:30 till 1530 ( Registration from 1000 onwards)

It will have various quizzes, tasks and challenges all which are relevant to the current cub scout programme.

Check-in is in the Seafields area of Laytown.

Packed lunch and rain gear needed. No need for change of clothes as they will not be entering the sea....Too cold!!!


The best place to park will be the car park at Laytown Train Station.

To reach here you will take the Laytown turn off at Julianstown , follow that road until you go under the railway bridge. When you go through the bridge you will then see a car park on your right hand side. You can park your cars here.

You will see a new bridge

Cross the bridge and travel up the road/hill that you can see on the far side. You will have the sea on your left hand side and GAA pitches on your right.

When you reach the top you will see the check-in area. In total it would be less than 10 min walk from the car park.

Can you please confrim numbers by 4th December


Warren Stott

Cub Leader