AGM 2010

Our AGM will be held on Friday 19th November 2010 at 8:30pm in The Bettystown Court Hotel.

The format of the meeting will be:

1. Election of Group Leader

2. Election of Secretary

3. Election of Treasurer

4. Questions arising from Treasurer’s report

5. Update on the “One Program”

6. AOB

Usually there would be an update from all sections given at the meeting but these, along with the current Group Leaders report & Treasurer’s report be emailed to all parents before-hand.and questions arising will be answered on the night.

I know that there is a lot of interest in item 1 above so let me layout the procedures for you.

A Group leader is elected for a period of 3 years and alongside him/her, the Treasurer and Secretary. After the initial 3 year term, a group leader can be re-elected for a further 3 years and then must be elected yearly after that.

I have always said that I’d do it for the initial 3 years and then open it to others.

I am now officially opening the nominations for the position of Group Leader, Secretary and Treasurer.

The other positions on the group council (Training coordinator & Quartermaster) have only been filled this year so they are not up for re-election.

Section leader positions are nominated from the sections and appointed by the group leader on a yearly basis.

Please ensure that the person you are nominating wants to do the job.

This person doesn’t have to be involved with the group as there may be someone from outside that feels they can do the job.

Every person (Beaver/Cub/Scout/Venture/Parent/Scouter) involved with the group has an entitlement to 1 nomination.

Group Council will be accepting nominations of names until 8pm on November 12th via the website link on our home page

or by clicking here

Once the nominees are gathered, there will be a vote held

This will be held even in the event of only 1 nominee for each position.

1. Each adult Scouter in the group has 1 vote for all 3 positions.

2. Each Youth Section has 1 vote with the exception of Beavers (Cubs x2, Scouts, Ventures)

3. Each Section Leader has a majority leaders vote. In the event of a tie, section leader has casting vote.

4. Vote of Parents present at the AGM.

Dates for Youth Members voting will be:

Cubs - Wednesday 17th

Cubs - Thursday 18th

Scouts - Thursday 18th

Ventures - Thursday 18th

Section leaders will be given a list of nominees over the weekend prior to the meetings and will use some of the meeting time to discuss what each person does for the group prior to asking youth members to vote.

In the event of 1 candidate achieving more votes from 1, 2 & 3 than persons present at the AGM, there will be no need for the parent’s votes.

Adult Scouters who are also parents of youth members can vote under both 1 & 4.

The Group Leader only has a vote for the Group Leader position in the event of a tie.

In the event of a tie for the other elected positions, the Group Leader will have the casting vote.

Just so that there is no panic, I wish to make it clear that I am seeking re-election for my position as Group Leader as are Brian (Secretary) & Derek (Treasurer).

None of us will be offended if there are further nominations.

Yours in Scouting,

Oisin Dunne

Group Leader

18th Meath - Cois Farraige